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“Thanks to Dr. Tom and Gonstead chiropractic, I am able to go through my life without pain. I can wake up, sit up, and move without pain.” - John B. from Reno, NV

“In this office I feel cared for. They have achieved results unlike any other office I’ve been in.” -Tina N. from Reno, NV

“I love the way that Gonstead doctors only treat the problem area. This is my first experience with Gonstead and the results have been tremendous!” -Roy E. from Sparks, NV

“I have gone to several chiropractors over the years being a serious athlete. I have never had the kind of focused attention that really has had a major impact on my body like the attention and care I received with Dr. Tom and Dr. Amanda Rammel. The Gonstead method of chiropractic is revolutionary and I recommend everyone try it!” -Shayla S. from Reno, NV

“If someone were to ask me about Dr. Amanda’s Care, here’s what I’d say: It is great and amazingly beneficial!” -Stephanie M. from Reno, NV

"I first came to see Dr. Amanda because I was suffering from severe migraine headaches. Everything my MD and Neurologist had tried failed. I was forced to resort to heavy painkillers to get rid of my headaches. Then someone suggested that I try chiropractic. On my first visit, Dr. Amanda described to me how a subluxation could be responsible for my headaches. The results of Dr. Amanda’s care were amazing! After just a few adjustments, I was experiencing fewer and less severe headaches. With continued visits, my headaches disappeared completely!” -Heather C. from Reno, NV

“Doctor Amanda is a really good doctor because she first educates you about your body, and then she works to correct your problems. Dr. Amanda, with her Gonstead technique, focuses more on a holistic approach towards your problems…” -Irin M. from Reno, NV